Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28

It's been so long (again!) that I'm not even sure what we've been up to.
Christmas/Yule was lovely, Santa delivered as always. Brought us many fine things.
Granny (bless her) sent money for the children, so we always have to come up with last minute ideas that we haven't gotten for them already.
We figured Santa was bringing Maddie a kitchen, so we got her some great wooden toys to go with her kitchen. Also a dish towel and potholder set, and a cash register. And some lovely metal pans with various spatulas and kitchen tools.
Trev got T-Rex Mountain and some additional dinos to go with it (from Granny).
Things have been pretty slow, we haven't been out much.
Trev is continuing to read, and does very well with it. His latest preference of spending his time is to watch Cartoon Network, which I cannot appreciate, as he wants to spend most of his days doing it. He finds something he's interested in, and it consumes him for a while.
I just try to keep lots of interesting things in his path, and I hope I don't get all worked up about it.

We've been to Classic Skating a couple of times the last bit. It's a roller rink, children can
take scooters, and they also have a large bounce area, with the huge climbing/jumping inflatables. Loads of fun. They both enjoy that very much.
Last Monday night we went to The Museum of Ancient Life. We had not been there in a long time. It was great. They have a few different exhibit halls and presentations from different time periods. They have a display on the pre-Cambrian era, that was cool. I'm fascinated by the pre-Cambrian. It astounds me that there was so much oxygen (as there was very little animal life), and even though the earth was extremely rich and lush with jungle-type mossy plants, that there were many great flash fires, caused by lightening! The oxygen was so heavy in the air that fire would just shoot and consume. Fascinating!
Eric's favorite is the megalodon. Seen here on the right, it's the biggest shark that ever lived. Pretty scary!
Trev's favorite... well a few days ago it was the maiasaura, but I'm not sure what it is at present. There are probably a few!

I'm not sure what we'll be up to this week, other than I know I need to really focus on supplying them with some great ideas.
We've (in a group) been talking of cuisenaire rods, and my enthusiasm for those has been recently renewed, so I'll definitely be putting those in the living room caninet.
I need to skim through our science project books and see if there is anything interesting we can do.
I'd like to get to the library and check out some more experiment books, so maybe we can do that.
I'd also like to get to the Children's Museum this week. We may go to the zoo on Wednesday.
I'm really flailing on the strewing department lately! Need to get those juices flowing!
Today I get to go to Teri's and learn the rudimentary ways of knitting. woohoo!
Better get things tidied up around here now. Hopefully I can write again in a couple of days. I don't like it when I leave huge time gaps. I like to keep track of the things we're doing, as this is the only journal I keep!

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