Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17

Maddie is amazing these days. She drags a chair over (to climb onto) to the counter where she will find a batch of Christmas fudge begging to be eaten.
Eric told me today that she had a peanut-butter ball (chocolate covered) that she had dropped, it had gotten dog hair on it, so her solution was to take it into the bathroom, climb up on the toilet, turn on the nearest water nozzle, and rinse off her candy. amazing. (almost 18 months old.)
She says "Mommy", puppy, "gok" for water, bye-bye, Daddy, doggy, and several other things.
She saw her dolly I made for her, and just loved and loved her.
She gets into my purse to play with the pens. She opens my wallet and strews cards and cash everywhere. She adores shoes. And hats. Doesnt necessarily want to wear them, but has a serious admiration for them.
She is showing affection for all of us. She'll hug and squeeze Trevy- she'll go up to comfort him when he's sad, or any time she chooses, and just love and love him.
Trev is up to his usual antics the last few days.
We haven't done much in the way of major exploration, busy with the holidays, I guess.
We did have Ari, Mina, and Melissia over a few days ago. We were sposed to make ornaments, but we didn't get that far. Just played, and visited. I like having them over.
Melissia suggested this week that we go to the children's museum. Sounds good to me.
Thursday evening we have a celebration to attend for Winter Solstice. A family event that will be a pleasurable evening, I'm sure.
We haven't gotten to temple square yet to see the lights, but I'm hoping to soon.
that's it for now.

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