Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vacation Day

I've been trying to get Trev to clean up his room, as I mentioned, the last few days. Just because when it gets crazy messy things of course get lost and broken, or eaten. He's kind of been piddling around with it, but not really getting anywhere, he'll pick up something, then get three other things out.
I'll go into the details on Happy and Free, I need to post there, anyway.
So yesterday morning, I'm going around, straightening up, geting Maddie ready to go, as we needed to get to the grocery store, and Costco, to get food for the pups, and rice milk for Maddie.
All of a sudden, Trev has got his room clean. And I mean, every marble in the right box, the clay with the clay, the dino expedition toys in it's box, etc. He proclaimed to me that he was ready to vaccuum. Really?!? Sure enough. So I drug the vaccuum into his room, plugged it in, and away he went. Can't tell you how surprised I was.
I told him that I was so impressed that I was going to buy him a special treat. What kind? Well, that's for you to decide. He announced it would be popsicles. Big surprise.
I got in the shower, and we discussed lunch, and I asked him if he wanted to go to The Spaghetti Factory. He did, so off we went. Lunch went very well. I was thinking at the time that I don't think a lot of people like to go to lunch just with their children, without any other adults, but I do. I genuinely like spending time with my children. Actually, I love it.
Anyway, on the way out of Trolley Square (a mall, of sorts) we stopped at this little store that has beautiful fairies, lots of Victorian trinkets, and some antiques (a store I love, I can tell you) becasue I thought they may have a kitchen witch for me. They do have lots of reasonably priced witches, but they were all sitting on pumpkins, and I don't want it just for Halloween, I want it permanently in my kitchen.
Anyway, we ventured next door, to the game store, and looked around there for a while. We saw this game called HeroScape, I think it was. It was all these tiny pieces and figures, about the size of army men. But it had dragons, dinosaurs, lots of really cool pieces. I guess it's a game, but I don't really know anything about it. I'm sure it's some sort of battle game, but the pieces sure are cool.
Then we headed to Costco, then to Kmart, and we checked out the Halloween stuff, and the toys, and picked up a heavy-duty chew toy for Annabelle. Trev picked up a small Lightening McQueen, and a dinosaur. Annabelle has eaten a couple dozen of his, but he picked one that he still has, a Ceratasaurus, this one was a female, he said to go with the male. Knowing Trev, they'll be doing battles, not mating. :-)
Somewhere along the way during the day Trev said "This is a great vacation, Mom." I had to laugh, of course. It really was a great vacation. There was just lots of fun and loving going on.
Next went to Wild Oats to get our groceries, and after that I was ready to head home. Trev asked if we were going to Harmon's, and though I was ready to get home, I said that we'd go, because I didn't think it would be fair to disappoint him. So to the last store we went, and of course we got a big, bright box of popsicles. Picked up a doughnut with chocolate sprinkles from the bakery (often we'll get them on Friday for Saturday morning) for Trev and one for me, too.
Then we finally went home.
When we got home I wanted to watch Halloween Town, as Trev has this fear of witches that really bugs me. We did, and maybe sometime between now and Halloween I can convert him to the other side. :-) (The other side, being of course, that witches are not mean, as a whole, and most real witches believe in not harming anyone or anything.)
Anyway. There is nothing to report that was profound, as you can see. Sometimes it's hard to convey the feeling of the day, I think. There wasn't anything great or extraordinary that happened, only a sense of well-being, comraderie, and joy throughout the day.
No reading, no building, no games. Just hanging out, taking our time throughout the day, and throroughly enjoy each other's company.
A great vacation, indeed.

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