Saturday, September 23, 2006

Steam, Going Back In Time, and the Fun House

Yesterday we were supposed to go to Red Butte Gardens with our unschooling friends, but it was rainy, and cold, and I decided that if I was going to spend $$ on rain gear, then I may as well put the spent money toward a membership to the new children's museum.
So I put it to Trev, and he opted for the museum, and to also go to the Planetarium to see "T-Rex 3D, Back to the Cretacious", again. (This time Daddy was going with us.)
While in the shower with Maddie, Trev is waiting patiently for his turn, he comes in and says "Hey! How come this is all wet?" We have discussed steamy mirrors before, but what the heck, I've got a few minutes of scrubbing left.
So I reply "That's from the vapor." (He knows about the cycle of water, how it's water, until it evaporates, either through plants or heat, then rises up, collects with other vapor cells, forms clouds, becomes heavier and heavier, til it turns to water, falls from the sky, where it can tumble into a stream, which flows to the ocean, or is absorbed by a plant, many possibilities. Never "vanishes", as nothing ever does, just changes.) "The steam, of course, comes from the water, it's the vapor, - it hits the mirror, which is much cooler, cooling the vapor, causing it to become water again, and fogs it up." We discussed briefly the cycle of water.
When we got outside, and were leaving for the movie, Trev sees that we forgot to bring our pinwheels in, and was telling Daddy all about them.
"Those are our pinwheels for peace, Dad. The wind blows on them, and it blows peace to places where war is." And then says in dismay "But the Rain got our Pinwheels, now there's gonna be war!" And I told him that I didn't think we had to worry about it for a couple of reasons. First, our pinwheels got lots of blowing time yesterday, and secondly, it was International Peace Day, and lots of people all over the country and world were doing things like pinwheels, so our good thoughts would "meet up" with all the other good thoughts, and they would be made stronger.
He seemed to accept that.
We went to see our movie, which we love. It's about a girl (16?) who studies dinosaurs, her father is a paleantologist, and she has a theory that t-rex's laid eggs and watched over them, and her father gets frustrated that she forms this hypothesis, as he sees it as irresponsible, ie jumping to conclusions without scientific backing.
She goes to the museum, and goes back in time to visit Charles Knight, a very famous artist who viewed the bones of dinos in the 1800's and painted these very accurate (even by today's standards) pictures of dinosaurs (a free thinker, and well ahead of his time). She also visited Barnum Brown, who was the finder of the first T-Rex.
At the end she helps a mama T-Rex by saving it's eggs from an ornithomimus, proving to herself that the T-Rex did lay eggs, and was protective of them. Anyway, it's great.
Then we went to Daddy's work for lunch, leaving Daddy to work, then headed over to the new children's museum, called Discovery Gateway.
I'll post some pictures when I'm home.
We got there at around 15 til two, and left at 15 'til eight. So it was a full day. We visited first, then decided to purchase a year's membership, as a single trip was $25.50, and a membership can be had for about the cost of four visits.
I figured it would be a great way to pass some need-to-stay-inside days.
They loved it, and had a fabulous time. We had puppet shows, which was unusual for Trev, and lots of dress up. Pretend play is nothing new for him, lately.
They played in the real rescue helicopter, and Trev built cites and then took them out with a simulated earthquake; played with the balls through tubes, played at the water table, and played at the construction area for a long time.
Today Papa got into town for a minute. I am at work, and I s'pose we'll go to Robyn's tonight to visit, have supper, and see that new baby. I expect Daddy and Uncle Dean will be leaving tomorrow.
I think that's it.
Be well,

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