Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6

Yesterday was our Littles meeting, and we had a good time. Did more playing than planning, but that's alright, we can plan online, we can only play in person!
Before the meeting we just ran errands, went to the grocery store, went to get Maddie some shoes, and went fall wardrobe shopping for the babies. Then the meeting last night.
I went to find Maddie, as it had been about a minute since I had last seen her, and she and James were off on their own, walking down the path. He is about two. They know each other pretty well.
Here is there cute-as-pie picture, they were really quite a ways down the path.
Sweet little muffins.
Let's see, today has been a "not get all the things done I was supposed to get done" day, but I did get some other stuff done. Trevy practiced writing some letters, his first attempt, and he did pretty well with it. I am considering buying some of those triange rubber things, to help him with how to hold the pencil.
He watched Stuart Little, then we went downstairs to create robots with legos. After I started building the robot, he told me he wanted it to be a dinosaur robot, so I made an apatasaurus, and then a tyrannasaurus.
He did the top part of the robot. He put a shooter on it's shoulder, and red hair, then a hat, then a crown. His crown had a shooter, also.
After that we read from one of his great dinosaur books, it's a few hundred pages, and tells stories about different species. Chasmosaurus, who is in the ceratops family.
Then we read Green Eggs and Ham, and tried to encourage Trevy to read from it, but we weren't very successful, so we headed into the living room with the magnet board and letters, and jetted through a couple dozen words. We are building into four letter words.
Today he read frog and stop.
I think tonight Trevy and I are going to the dollar movie to see Cars again. We saw it at the drive-in a few weeks ago, and really liked it. It's tough to take Maddie to a movie, she gets really bored, and wants to move around, of course. So unless Eric wants to join us, he'll stay home with her.
Don't know what else the day has in store.
I think Trev is back to the tele for a bit, so I had better get cleaning.
Talk to you soon. Steph

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