Sunday, September 03, 2006

September 3

Let's see.
Last post was Thursday. The next day Eric took Trev fishing, and Maddie and I puttered around here. They went to Silver Lake, up at Brighton.
That night was a Salt Lake Astronomical Society's star gazing party. It was held in our neighborhood, so we headed over. Several telescopes were set up. Most were set to the moon, but there was one also one set to see two stars, which would probably be more interesting if I knew which ones, but to be frank I wasn't impressed, as it just looked the same to me as gazing at the night sky. But another one was set toward Jupiter, and we were able to view it and its four moons.
It was a bit difficult for Trev, as it's tricky to look with one eye into a telescope. But a couple of times he was able to see very well, and one in particular had a great scope of the half moon, and the crater detail was amazing. There was one crater (the largest) just about in the middle, and we learned that it was called Copernicus.
I looked up Copernicus, as I wasn't sure exactly who he was, and he was the polish astronomer, recognized as the father of modern astronomy.
I think Trev enjoyed the views, though it was late at night, and after about 20 minutes he asked to go home. But we had seen by that time what we had come to see.
Saturday I was off to work, and Eric enjoyed playing with the children most of the day.
Today was a schoolish sort of day. We did several work sheets, and Trev worked on the computer for a long time. He is playing with Kindergarten Jump-Start currently. It has math, patterns (which we are sort of struggling with, which I don't understand, for several months ago he was understanding patterns just fine -?)
but he does well at the spelling. It's a "choose the letter that spells this word _ap, and a choice of 7 letters or so, then he puts the M in the proper place. he excels at that one. He also enjoys the paint part of the program. Now he is watching Discovery Channel's "When Dinosaurs Roamed America" that we recorded.
Tomorrow is a super-fun day, we get to go to Lagoon. I actually need to get in the kitchen and make some cookies to take with us. Last year they had a snacks pavillion set up, with cookies, drinks, and such, but I am not counting on it. We're pretty broke, so we won't be gorging on caramel apples and cotton candy, but I think we can manage one or two!
I am really excited about going.
Tuesday is playgroup (for Homeschooling the Littles, the group I started last year) and that night is our Summer Social / Fall Planning Meeting. I think I already told you about that.
I haven't gotten any thing constructive done today! I've had Little House on the Prairie on this tv in the den on all day, and have been here (on the pc) on and off. Isn't it strange that some days we find comfort in such activities? (little house)
I don't know why.
Anyway, not very interesting, and i am certainly not very eloquent today, but there you have the bare bones.
Life goes on.
Wishing you well,

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