Tuesday, September 19, 2006

September 19

I just wanted to jot a few things down.
First of all, Maddie has sure growed up these last few days!
She is eating more than her brother, and is willing to serve herself. She'll get into the pantry, and bring me a box of cereal, or she'll bring me a juice cup, and add either a little questioning "a-yah?" or a demanding a-yah!" depending on her tolerance, I suppose. It's pretty funny. She wants to eat a half hour after she has an entire meal!
She also likes to get into the cupboard in her dresser and bring me her shoes. She's demanding with those, though. If you don't put them on for her she'll shout at you.
Last night she was engaging her brother in play, she was walking up to him, he was sitting ont he floor, and she'd get about in his face, and throw her arms around his neck. They'd then fall over, and she'd laugh, and they'd wrestle for a minutes, then he'd roll her away, and here she comes- back to do it again.

Trev and I discussed gravity a few days ago. We talked about (at some length) how the center of the earth is sort of a magnet, and gravity is what pulls things into the earth. It started because he made a joke of "what goes up must go up!" I laughed, I thought it was pretty funny. Nuances that he didn't understand possibly, but I thought it was funny. Anyway, that led to a discussion on gravity.
He likes to launch from this built-in brick plant stand we have in our living room, we have always called it the quarry. When he was a tot, he'd play with Thomas and Percy et al there.
So yesterday he climbs up there, as usual, he likes to launch, and makes a huge jump, lands, and says "Did you see that Mama? Did you see the way gravity just pulled me down?"
He is also making all sorts of jokes right now. He thinks he's pretty funny. Me too.
We borrowed Star Wars III from Sam on Sunday (we went over there for dinner). When we got home, we started watching it, but Trev got tired and grumpy, so he went to bed. Our bed, of course. Anyway, Eric and I stayed up to watch it, and it was pretty intense and disturbing, we both mentioned how we weren't sure that Trev should watch it. (But, it was like midnight, and we had the lights off, too, so the entire focus was on the movie) We mentioned to Trev in the morning that it was pretty scary, and intense, and it might be too much for him. He decided not to watch it. We also borrowed episode II, and I watched it yesterday. Anyway, last night (early, still light) we asked him if he wanted to watch III, cause we were going to have to return it to Aunt Sam, and he replied "According To My Research... Star Wars III is kind of scary." Eric and I did our best to keep our faces straight, respectful as the situation warranted. "Oh, okay." we said. "We would be sitting right here with you, and we could turn it off whenever you wanted." "No, I just want to watch something else. Magic School Bus, or dinosaurs." So Magic School Bus it was.
Magic School Bus is where he gets the "according to my research" from, there is a little girl who says it, but it was impressive that he got the context correct.
He's been doing that alot, lately. Coming up with this stuff that he really shouldn't know what it means, but does.
And amusing.
We have playgroup today, and my children are feeling better, so we'll probably have a long stint at the park today. Today we're all taking bikes or scooters, so we'll probably have a parade of munchkins wheeling along in a long line. Should be fun.
have a great day,

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