Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14

I finally got a picture of Madeleine and Annabell together. 'Course, Annabell is laying down, so it's not quite as comical as it is in real life, but it's pretty cute. Trev is sitting on Annabel, by the way. Maddie has beans on her shirt from her dinner. She's already had her bath, but I didn't want to put her in her jammies, cuz I knew she'd make a mess! Can't believe I got them all to sit still long enough to get a picture!

Today hasn't been too eventful.
We've done a few worksheets, and some reading practice with the magnetic letters and board, I don't think we've watched any television.
Oh, I found a great site where you can customize your own tracing letters sheets. You can just do letters, or make words, or do numbers, whatever. I made some with T's, r's, e's, and v's, then another with a bunch of Trevelyn's for him to trace.
It's really pretty cool, you can also customize the theme, which is just little pictures at the bottom. I did forest animals, and dinosaurs. If you were into teaching spelling, it would be great for that. You could make the words for them to trace. I'll include the link at the bottom of my post.
What else? Oh, Trev wanted to build the big house from the picture with the Lincoln Logs, so we did that. He put the man down in the bottom of the house (he was cooking dinner) and the horse was on top of the house. :-)

I can't think of anything else very exciting. Trev was on the computer for a bit today, he had to play with Animal Fieldtrip, of course.
I've been trying to get him to clean up his room before it gets really messy, but he's not very enthusiastic about that.
He has now roped in his Dad, though I told him it's Daddy's choice, now I can hear Trevy encouraging... "You're doing pretty good, Dad, pretty good!" Eric's mumbling about something. lol

I think that's it.
Not very exciting, as I said.

Those custom tracer pages can be found here:

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