Monday, September 04, 2006

Lagoon Day

Hey. Well today was a big one. This morning Trev was onthe computer playing with JumpStart, doing the reading program.
Then he headed outside to the truck when he thought it was time to go. The boy thinks - hopes- that if he waits outside (30 0r 40 minutes) that we'll go quicker. Or maybe he's smart enough to realize if he is in the truck and out of the way, it won't slow down those tripping over each other in the house!

First he rode The Bat, which is this hanging roller coaster.

Then we went on a few children's rides, then off to lunch After that we went into Lagoona Beach for a bit, which trev loved, and didn't want to leave, because as he put it "But here you don't have to wait in lines!"

Very true.
Here he is with Eric on Dinosaur Drop. It goes up and drops you down, as you can imagine.

He went on the white roller coaster, The Spider, the bumper cars, and a few other things. He loved The Spider and the white roller coaster. He thought they both were great.
I'm not sure if he'll still find satisfaction in the "kiddie" rides, but I think he might for a while yet.
We'll probably go again in a couple of weeks for "bounce back", we would like to find a sitter for Maddie, then the three of us (or four, if Pat -Grandma- wants to come play with us again) can just romp and play all day.

Anyway, it was great fun.
We have another fun day planned tomorrow. Playgroup in the morning, then our social tomorrow night.


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