Thursday, August 31, 2006

August 31

Hello all. I would really like to just update this every couple of days. Too much happens of course when you go for a couple of months, then you forget the details, and just sum it up in your head as "life".
This summer has been packed with fun, but we've also had lots of lazy summer days.
We've now got the playroom/schoolroom in good order, all cleaned up, tidied, and ready for fall and winter use. Course we don't use it for a school room, but it is where we have all of our crafts stuff, alphabet letters on the wall, where we hang up our art work, etc.

Today we went up into the Canyon, Alta, to be specific, to see a puppet show. It was called "Treasure Chest", and it was about a boy who was going fishing.
He met a sea serpent, and then a pirate, who had a "Treasure" in his chest. He asked the boy to watch it, telling him not to open it becuase it was a ghost. The boy leaves for a minute, and a mermaid named "Treasure" comes out, who is reunited with her friend Serpent, and the pirate ends up in the chest.
It was fun.
After the show, we stayed to picnic with our friends that also came up, and then we went for a hike to Cecret Lake, which was about a mile hike. We had two hs families that are from our Littles group, then there was another mother and daughter that came with us for the hike. The children had a great time, exploring on the rocks, and in the mucky black mud. We saw a peregrine falcon, though it was very high up, and Eric caught us a Salamander for us all to check out.
This one had gills, and so we discussed how not all salamanders are are terrestrial.
It was actually quite large, I'd say about 6 or 7 inches long.

All in all, a very satisfying and fun-filled day.
Our summer days are limited, and this was a good one for having at summer's end.
We have a few other fun things coming up this week, fishing tomorrow at Silver Lake, and then Monday we have Lagoon (amusement park) with Eric's work, then Tuesday is our Summer Social and Fall Planning Meeting with the Littles, it's in the canyon, and shoud be great fun. We'll plan our fieldtrips, classes, playgroups, and whatever else our group would like to see for the fall season.

I still haven't gotten any (obviously) of the old posts into this new blog, I'll work on that some more tonight.
It's sort of a pain, as I have to reload all of the pics. So the other one was a lot easier!

I really hope to keep this blog up to date often, especially since we're unschoolers... it's a great way of keeping track of our learning adventures.

Much love,

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