Sunday, June 04, 2006

Traumatic Event

Trev got hurt. Friday night he went out the front door, and due to the pressure of the swamp coolers, the door slammed shut, and his finger got smashed. Actually, one was partially amputated.
(The hospital staff's words.) The tip of his middle finger, along with most of the nail bed was cut off. I took it with me to the hospital, on ice, but they said that it couldn't be sewn on, the nail bed would not take.
I don't think Trev knows a part of it was actually cut off, but maybe he does. He would probably take it better than I, but I don't want to make it a bigger deal than it already is.
This is the first time I have been able to talk about it without crying. A sign of healing, no doubt.
The staff in the emergency room took us in right away, though everything still took a long time, (medicine for him), but it went alright. They gave us a copy of his x-ray, though I forgot it at the hospital! Bummed about that. Haven't told Trev yet, he hasn't asked for it.
They were pretty nice, though it's always wierd in a hospital, they handle hundreds of emergencies everyday, so it's all routine to them, and they handle it in a non-empathetic, business like manner. I suppose that is for the best, if they fell apart everytime someone was hurt, there would be nothing left of them in even a few short weeks. It's still strange for the injured, or mother, as the case may be.
I parked in a no-parking zone, so I had to go move the truck, left Trevy with the doc, and when I got back he and two others were holding Trev down, and he was screaming for all he was worth. I could hear him in the hall with the door shut. I knew immediately what was going on, but I was concerned that he was going to be terrefied that I wasn't there, and these people were laying across his body, poking him, and telling him to settle down, or whatever.
I just did my best to calm him down, and tell him what they were needing to do.
They were asking him who his favorite Power Ranger was, and I told them he didn't know the Power Rangers, and they asked him who his favorite Super Hero was, and I told them he didn't really know those, either, that he was a science lover, that Magic School Bus and dinosaurs were more his gig.
Surprised, but "Aah, what is your favorite dinosaur, T-Rex?" (Not even the full name of Tyrannasaurus, mind you) "No." "Triceratops?" "No." "Stegasaurus?" "No." I was smiling at this point, knowing full well that these men had just exhausted their entire dino knowledge, and then Trev pipes up with "Parasaurolophus." (grin) Three pairs of eyebrows shot up then, looking at me. "He said 'parasauraolophus'."
It was amusing to see my four-year-old son flabberghast a doctor, and two RN's.
They then went on to ask his age again, and to say that he was about 6 grades ahead of most of the kids they were acquainted with (I had been discussing white and red blood cells with Trevelyn, and how if he lifted up his hand as the nurse suggested, the blood would slow down to his hand, making it hurt and bleed less), and I of course with more pride than I am entitled to said "We homeschool." Now, they might have been thinking that I was some sort of over-achiever, pressuring my child to accesssive heights, but really I said it proudly because I fully credit Trev with his own learning. I just toss stuff out there - books, encyclopedias, museum trips, etc, he is the one that soaks it all in and brings his bookas to me saying "Read this to me." Can't take the credit for his smarts and learning, but it surely does do me proud. (I know I shouldn't indulge in such emotions, but I do.)

I took a picture of the other one, too, the little cute one, here she is finishing up her lunch a few minutes ago. I don't have any amazing stories to tell about her day, but I will surely keep my eyes open. She is a cute little biscuit.

Will keep you posted about Trev's injury, I have to make an appointment tomorrow for a visit to the surgeon on Tuesday.

Be well, and I'll write soon.

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