Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30

Early summer is moving along, here are Trev and Eric playing outside in the sunshine. The days are not quite lazy and long yet, we are still too eager to be outside. May around here is spring, so we are living our lives as such. All is
going well, play is at a premium.
Yesterday was Memorial Day, we had a few friends over, and
did some grilling. Today we had park day with our Little friends, at Big Bear Park.
Maddie has demonstrated that she is much like her brother, definitely a climber, doing so
before she can walk. Up on the coffee table, all over her stroller, on my computer chair the other day, and so forth. (sigh)
Here is Trevelyn climbing, 'bout giving his mother the vapors. It's not really the climbing, and I am not by nature a nervous sort, but I was worried about the transition betwen the head and the bars to slide down, as they are about 2-3 feet out. The transition was tricky. Only one fall, and relatively unharmed. Not so adventurous for the rest of our time there, however.

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